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Admiring the Treasures of Angono, the Art Capital of the Philippines

Are you an art enthusiast? Do you appreciate paintings, sculptures and artistic innovations made from recycled scraps? Then, Angono, Rizal is an ideal place for your day tour.

Angono, a first class municipality in the province of Rizal, is known as the Art Capital of the Philippines. It is also the home of the grand Higantes Festival, which entertains the crowd with paper-mached giant effigies, and is slated every November 22-23.

In search for meaning why this town was called the country’s art capital, I found that Angono is a haven of many great artists, where three bloomed as National artists in the person of Carlos “Botong” Francisco, Lucio San Pedro and Vicente Manansala. Second, it has the Angono Ateliers Association established by artists in pursuit of honing would be artists and artists alike. Third, it boasts of numerous art houses and galleries erected within the town. Fourth, what is astonishing is the existence of the 3,000 year old rock art drawings, renowned as Angono Petroglyphs, which was discovered by Botong Francisco himself during a boy scouts’ fieldtrip in the 1960s. This shows that Angono lived with the talent for arts since time immemorial.

I and my friend, blogger Lakbay Kanin, visited Angono on a rainy day in July. The tropical storm Egay did not hinder us from pursuing this trip which was long been scheduled. Our tour started with the Nemiranda Art House and Atelier Café Restaurant, followed by lunch at Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant and Art Gallery, visit to the Blanco Family Museum and Carlos “Botong” Francisco Residence and Art Museum, and ended with an appreciation of the Street murals.


We were not able to visit other museums and galleries as I had to head back to my hometown before nighttime. From the Angono Municipal Hall, we headed to Cainta, Rizal and had an early dinner to one of the best “Tapsilog” makers in the town, the Tapsi ni Vivian at Bulalohan, which was heralded as the Champion of the “Tapatan ng Tapa 2015” sponsored by the GMA Show, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. Find out more of our adventures and travel infos by clicking the places mentioned above.

More details about Angono’s art story and list of art galleries are discussed here:


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