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Angono’s Blanco Family Museum

Three decades, more than 400 collections from a family of artists…


Anyone visiting Angono should not miss dropping by Ibanez Street to explore Blanco Family Museum. The museum, which occupies 1,200 sq. meters, parades more than 400 paintings created by the founder, Jose “Pitok” V. Blanco, his wife Loreto (“Loring”), and his seven children since its construction in 1980. The exhibits were arranged in two ways: (1) from the youngest to the eldest child followed by the mother and father and (2) display of artworks produced during their childhood years to adulthood. What a great start when we were welcomed by the painting of Peter Paul (youngest) when he was 11 months old!


All members of the family are full-time artists. Their gifted hands have captured the Filipino culture and traditions, flora and fauna, which they personally experienced in different provinces of the country in which they traveled. And they painted with much detail and intricacy, making the artworks appear “real.” Do you know that each member has a mural painting? It served as graduation thesis from the father, who inspired and taught them greatness in their own crafts.


We were guided by Ms. Rica, the museum staff and met Mr. Michael Blanco, the fourth son of (Sir) Pitok, and his son Art. Now, the artworks of the founder’s grandchildren are also exhibited. The granddaughter, Jasmin, is conducting an art workshop to children.

From left- Art Blanco, Lakbay Kanin, me and Sir Michael Blanco

The museum opens from Tuesdays to Sundays at 8:00AM-12:00NN and 1:00PM-5:00PM. Taking pictures along the lobby is allowed, except on individual paintings. The entrance fee is P100.00 per person.

Trivia: I learned that the common type of fish in Angono is “kanduli,” credits to the painting of (Sir) Pitok (founder).

How to get there: Ride a tricycle from the Angono vicinity to Ibanez St. (P10.00 per person).


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