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Best Tapsilog at Cainta’s Tapsi ni Vivian

Do you love eating Tapsilog or just an occasional “tapsi” consumer? You gotta try Tapsi ni Vivian.


After our art tour at Angono, my friend brought me to one of the best tapsilog and bulalo restaurants, Tapsi ni Vivian at Bulalohan. The resto offers a variety of Filipino cuisines, fruit shakes, and desserts such as cheese pie, mango tapioca, leche flan, brownies and a lot more.

We ordered their must-try tapsilog, which won as Champion in the recently held Tapatan ng Tapa 2015 by GMA’s news magazine television show, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. Their taste of tapsi is distinct, and I loved it (winner!).


I also bought mango tapioca for my dessert, which I ate at home. There is an exact balance in its creaminess and sweetness – also uniquely friendly to the taste buds.


The place is clean and orderly, and ideal for family and barkada hangouts. The price is friendly for guests and customers.

Tapsi ni Vivian


How to get there: Ride a jeepney going to Cainta, Rizal. Alight at Ortigas Ext. near Brookside Hills Subdivision in Cainta, Rizal.


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