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Sunset at Mount Pulag

Experience an afternoon bliss while strolling along Mt. Pulag’s rolling hills and seeing creation at its finest. Enjoy the view of the sun hovering over the captivating sea of clouds. Watch the dramatic sunset at the 2,922MASL summit.

Thank God we had the perfect weather when we climbed Mount Pulag on the first week of January 2015. This was my second climb on this beautiful mountain. I, my friend Abe, her pamangkins and blogger Lakbay Kanin joined the 2-day hike organized by Kuya Chad, a seasoned mountaineer and friend I met during our Sagada trip in 2012. This climb earned us new friends and inspired us all the more after meeting Tita Jill, a 70-year old foreign mountaineer, with much vigor and passion to pursue her dreams to travel and explore.

We tread the Ambangeg-Ambangeg trail, or executive trail as they call it. After the registration and orientation at DENR, we headed to the Ranger Station to prepare ourselves, and at around 11:00am started the four-hour ascent towards the campsite.

The team is ready for the great challenge.


Trekking to Campsite 2 Extension
Ascent to Campsite 2 Extension. Who says we’re tired? Photo credits: Salve Sales

We arrived at Campsite 2 Extension at nearly 3:00pm and began pitching our tents. What I appreciated here, as I did during my first climb, were those dwarf bamboos that welcome hikers to their “paradise.”


After few moments of rest, we hurried to the “playgrounds” or the rolling hills. It was quite windy and cold though the sun was shining. The views were much breathtaking so we could not help but take lots and lots of pictures to record this remarkable journey.

The trail that sent us off to the journey
Rolling hills near the Pulag summit

The perceived beauty of the Pulag Mountains was great during this afternoon. The absence of fog permitted us to behold the riveting connections of the terrain to the clouds. Creation has its way of carrying away our weariness, and appeased us with much tranquility. I could not count how many “wow!” and “grabe!” we expressed until reaching the summit.

IMG_1379 name
Creation at its finest!
Passing by the lonely tree
Serene communion with the sea of clouds. Photo credits: Marco Garcia

Since we had an early trek towards the summit, we had enough time to really enjoy the captivating landscapes and sea of clouds. There was no hassle going to the summit unlike during the sunrise when you have to wake up early at 3:00am.

Sojourner amazed at the beauty of creation. Model: Kuya Chad 🙂

After an hour and a half wandering and reveling on the mountains, we finally reached the summit and witnessed the golden sunset above the great sea of clouds.



IMG_1426 name
Sunset at Mt. Pulag
IMG_1445 name
Colors painted naturally on the horizon

Our team descended the summit at around 6:00pm with our flashlights on. The full moon was bright enough to light our paths, but brought even colder temperature along the trails. We arrived at the campsite at around 7:30pm and shared our baon for dinner at our dome tent.

The cool temperature at dawn dropped even more so we had to add thick clothing to our bodies.


If you are standing at the campsite towards the direction to the summit, you will see a smaller mountain on your right called the Junior Mt. Pulag. The trek was not as easy as it seems since the trail is a bit steep. That is where the SMART communication tower is, and you can watch the beautiful sunrise on that peak after a 20-minute hike (depending on your speed).

So, we left our tents at 5:00am and patiently waited for the sunrise on that summit. The view of the thick sea of clouds is as beautiful as what is seen from the 2,922MASL summit. We spent two hours or more on the mountain bonding with nature and friends.

Waiting for the sunrise
Sunrise from Junior Mt. Pulag
IMG_20150104_063628 name
Majestic golden mountains basking under the morning sun

IMG_20150104_065946 name

We had our breakfast of noodles, loaf bread and tuna. Thanks to Lakbay Kanin for preparing our meals. Break camp was at past 8:00am and we started our descent with another sightseeing and bonding with friends.

IMG_20150104_094316 name
Mossy forests at Mt. Pulag

Souvenirs such as t-shirts, keychains, bags and a lot more are sold at a store near the Ranger Station.

An adventure in Mount Pulag is worth the efforts and the price. It challenges and trains your physical and mental endurance. It enriches your friendships and networks. It entertains and educates you with its rich biodiversity. It appeases your weary soul by its spectacular landscapes. The experiences are as great as the mountain.

The Pulag  wanderers! With Abe, her nieces, Lakbay Kanin and Abe’s nephew

If you have experienced the sunrise at the 2,922MASL summit on your first climb, you may want to consider watching the sunset on that peak on your second climb.


Day 0

10 pm Assembly Victory Cubao (near Aurora)
11 pm ETD Manila (bus)

Day 1

4 am ETA Baguio; Breakfast, buy lunch and supplies
5 am ETD Baguio (hired transpo)
8 am ETA Visitors’ Center. Registration / Orientation
9 am Resume Jeep ride
10 am Ranger station; Guides etc..(optional early lunch)
1030 am Start Trek from Ranger station
1:30 pm ETA Campsite; set up camp; prepare for ascent
3:00 pm ETD campsite; ascent
4:00 pm Summit
5:30 pm descent (option to wait for sunset)
7 pm Campsite; dinner; socials
10pm Lights out

Day 2

5 am Wake up call; ascent to Relay station for sunrise view
7am descent; breakfast; cook lunch
8 am break camp
830 am ETD Campsite to ranger station
11:30 am ETA ranger station; lunch; etc; wait for jeep
12 noon Depart for Baguio
4 pm ETA Baguio City

Estimated total expenses: P3,000-P4000


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