A Family’s Test of Faith

         “Typhoon Lando is hitting northern Luzon during the weekend.” That appeared to be sad news for our family since we are scheduled to celebrate my sister’s debut on a Sunday night. Invitations were delivered. VIPs prioritized this event over other appointments. And the caterer is up for the cooking challenge! In short, there was no way of calling it off. The “show must go on” even if the event will be swarmed with only few visitors.

          After a Saturday night’s work, I set off for eight-hour ride bound to Baguio City. Tolerable strong winds already approached our bus at Pangasinan. I did not fret, and dozed off immediately out of tiredness due to the day’s work. Amidst the darkness outside the bus, I sensed myself waking up when we reached the highway near our place. At past 3AM, I bade the driver a warm “thank you” and alighted the bus, and oh! It was very windy and rainy, my whole body was quivering from the cold. The strong winds threw my umbrella backwards as I opened it.

           Gusty winds with rains hurried in Baguio City at 2AM on that special Sunday. Its riotous sounds against our house walls woke my troubled parents up. They thought they made the biggest mistake ever! Will there be visitors? Who will eat the food? Will there be electricity in the venue? Will the program go as planned?

           Much of what we did from that time and the whole day was to pray in faith for a better weather during the night. That was the same thing we did two days after learning of the typhoon’s arrival.

           It was still raining and windy when we arrived at Ann’s Place (debut venue) at around 4PM. And as time went by, friends, relatives and special visitors kept coming and finally, after patiently waiting, we started the program at 6:30PM. To make the long story short, the debut started and ended well. The celebration bursted with surprises starting with warm messages and words of wisdom and endearment, to a nourishing dinner, “kilig” moments (18 roses), trivia about the debutante, and games for the bachelors. The debutante’s love and appreciation for her family and friends and vice versa filled the ballroom. Who would notice the cold in the midst of a cordial celebration?

Photo Credits: Angelo Aguiling

            To sum it up, we were more triumphant than the storm. We had plenty of visitors though not all came. No food was wasted and we had left to share with our relatives. The celebration went on smoothly as planned, credits to the participants and to the presence of electricity. The wind and rains stopped momentarily during and after the event. Hence, it did not bother our visitors as they went home. The testimonies of the staff of Ann’s Place were substantially remarkable. They were amazed that electricity did not die out during the rainy day and it happened for the first time. For them it was unusual. Second, when it rains heavily, the ballroom gets waterlogged. This time, it did not happen.

            I remembered Elijah who fervently prayed that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth (James 5:17). God heard his prayer of faith and made it happen.   My family testifies that this whole experience was a test of faith. What might have happened if we stopped trusting Him and allowed negativity to consume us? I believe all went well because of faith. God made success to happen because we believed. God answers prayers and I relearned that He acts according to our faith.

           As human beings, we may get anxious at things beyond our control, but completely trusting in God’s providence and grace makes a difference… in you, in your situation and in the people around you. May we always bring with us an attitude and prayer of faith!


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