About the Author

About Shelley

Hi! I am Shelley. At one point, I came to a realization that life needs a sort of balance and that there is more to life than work. Back in December 2012, two friends and I made a DIY trip to Sagada, Mountain Province (inspired by the beauty of it as seen in Byahe ni Drew TV series), my first ever. The positive memories and experiences gained from the travel were really priceless – new friends, breath-taking beauty of nature, immersion with culture, knowledge of history, etc. So, that trip started it all.

On weekdays, I focus on tons of work as a full-time academician, but during free times, I am out there somewhere, in the mountains, on the beach, in towns and other interesting sites… to explore with travel buddies. I dream of traveling the numerous provinces in the Philippines, and is taking leaps, bit by bit, to fulfill this dream.

Journey Under Blue Skies depicts both my travel memoires (physical journey) and realizations from my faith walk (spiritual journey). I hope that I could impart some helpful travel tips and interesting facts and finds in the places I’ve been (all are still here in the Philippines), and share bits and pieces of life lessons that you may find meaningful for your spiritual journey.

*The author started this blog in June 2015 and published her first article in June 23, 2015.



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